Our guide to online back up companies

We have listed what we believe to be the best Online Backup suppliers based on features, support, speed, pricing and reliability.

Our guide is designed to help you to determine the best Online Backup Company to protect your valuable files and lets you base your decisions on best service for you.

Rank Company Price Storage OS Review Score More
1 My PC Backup £2.95

Value For Money: 10

Reliability: 10
Speed: 10

98% Click
2 Carbonite £4.91

Value For Money: 9

Reliability: 10
Speed: 9

96% Click
3 Just Cloud £2.95

Value For Money: 10

Reliability: 10
Speed: 8

95% Click
4 Zip Cloud £4.95

Value For Money: 10

Reliability: 9
Speed: 8

91% Click
5 Mozy £7.99 125GB

Value For Money: 7

Reliability: 9
Speed: 8

85% Click

A more in depth look

My PC Back Up - Click here to visit their website

MyPC Backup is fast becoming the industry-leader when it comes to online computer backup and makes online computer backup simple with 100% automatic, user-friendly backup with fast upload speeds and convenient features that make it easy to understand why this company is quickly becoming a favourite among consumers.

While the company itself has it's head offices located in the United Kingdom they currently have their storage servers located in Chicago. MyPC Backup offers plenty of online storage space and an intuitive desktop application that allow you to access your files from anywhere at any time. You also have the ability to sync multiple computers to one account, making MyPC Backup our number one choice.

- Unlimited plan.
- Multiple computers allowed.
- File synchronization.
- Easy to use.
- Windows only, no Mac or Linux options.
- No mobile apps.
- Limited backup scheduling options.

Carbonite - Click here to visit their website

Carbonite offers a great online data backup service with an unlimited storage plan. It has a very easy-to-use control panel and will securely back up both Macs and PCs.

Its easy know which files have been backed up, if there is a green dot on a folder then you know its backed up and a yellow dot means its pending a backup.

It also has a mobile device app for Apple iOS, Android or Blackberry smartphones that allows you to access your files and email them to other computer users.

Carbonite transmits your files using an SSL connection, which makes it super safe!
A great plus is that its easy to use and installs quickly. After installation, you can simply choose an automatic process or the option to store only specific files or folders you choose to back up.

- Web interface to upload and access files.
- Includes streaming music and videos.
- Allows sharing of files.
- Automated Backup
- Easy to use.

The multiple-computer backup plans only support Windows PCs, not Macs.

Base price only covers one computer

JustCloud - Click here to visit their website

JustCloud have fast become a leading Cloud Storage and Online Backup provider online by offering free no obligation accounts with unlimited storage space and superfast upload/download. JustCloud will automatically backup all your files to your free cloud storage space so you can access your files anywhere at anytime.

Just Cloud's offer users a truly all round service and provide as a standard additional extras like file versioning, private file sharing, the ability to sync computer files, unlimited storage and complete automation.

They deliver efficient and secure results and with reasonable and competitive pricing. There are very few areas that Just Cloud fall down on, during testing we found the service to be fast and reliable.

- Unlimited plan
- Fast
- File versioning
- File synchronization
- Mobile Access
- Easy to use
- Windows only, no Mac or Linux Options

ZipCloud - Click here to visit their website

Zip Cloud creates a sync folder from your desktop to their server which compresses your files and allows you to access them anytime, anywhere and from any device. This means all your documents, music, video and whatever else that can fit in the compression process will be synced with the folder available on the net and you can retrieve them by decompressing them from your end.

The site is clean and appealing and has a large amount of rich features. Its a fast and user friendly product which provides a high level of security of data for the personal computer user.

Other Features include file versioning, file sharing, automatic backup and file syncing techniques and can be accessed from your iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, Mac or PC

- Unlimited plan
- Rigorous file encryption
- File sharing
- Email support only
- Windows only, no Mac or Linux options

Mozy - Get 2GB for FREE - click here

Mozy is easy to use. Once signed up, all you have to do is download the program and you can begin transferring all of your files into your new online storage system. It uses a classic drag-and-drop method to easily move everything in just a few short steps. Mozy uses higher than average encryption methods to help to keep all of your information secure at all times.

They have also developed applications to assist in viewing all of your files remotely on mobile devices and tablets. This makes it easier to complete your work no matter where you are in the world.

Their support team is always available to help if you run into any problems or questions, and there are easy restore methods that can be used in the rare case that it is needed.

-Free 2GB for backup.
- Tracks all changes.
- Keeps files for 30 days.
- Macintosh version available.
- First time backup is quite slow.
- No file sharing.
- Storage plans small compared to competitors


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